X Rebrands TweetDeck as XPro - New Changes Ahead

X, the social media platform previously known as Twitter and owned by Elon Musk, has undertaken a rebranding exercise, renaming TweetDeck to XPro.

The company has adopted the @Pro handle instead of @TweetDeck for this tool, although certain parts of the tool, including the help page, still refer to “Twitter” and “TweetDeck.”

The renaming doesn’t come as a surprise, as Musk had hinted about the change in a recent announcement. He also mentioned that XPro will introduce “a wide range of psy op plugins.” However, specific details about these plugins were not disclosed, following Musk’s typical approach.

Last month, when some users faced difficulties accessing parts of TweetDeck, the company encouraged them to switch to the new version of the tool. Additionally, X announced that, after 30 days, only verified users would have access to TweetDeck. Consequently, X is expected to transition XPro/TweetDeck into a paid-only feature in the coming days, starting from the announcement made on July 4.

During the rebranding process, X faced some challenges. It took over the @X handle from its previous owner without offering any compensation or prior notice. Furthermore, Apple seemingly granted an exception to X, allowing the use of a single character as the app name, despite its usual policy prohibiting such usage on the App Store. In addition, the San Francisco Department of Building Inspection requested X to remove the flashing ‘X’ sign from its office building after receiving complaints over the weekend.

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