Opera One Browser by Opera Introduces Revolutionary Tab Grouping Concept
  • April 25, 2023
  • Jacob Morris
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Opera, the Norway-based tech company, has unveiled a new browser called Opera One, which is set to replace its flagship browser. The new browser, designed with features to prepare for a generative AI-based future, has a core feature called “Tab Islands.” This tab grouping concept automatically groups tabs based on context, making it easier to navigate and work with multiple tabs.

With Tab Islands, tabs with different contexts, such as menus and locations for dinner places or different Google documents, are grouped together. Each group is represented by a vertical colored pill that users can expand and collapse with a click. Collapsed groups also have a tooltip feature that helps users find the correct tab group.

Joanna Czajka, the product director at Opera, explained that the new approach to tab grouping is a natural way of arranging tabs into contextual groups without disturbing users’ workflow. Opera One’s Multithreaded Compositor also enhances the browser’s performance, enabling the smooth rendering of complex web animations through the GPU.

While Opera is not the only browser maker that is rethinking how tabs are presented, Opera One’s Tab Islands concept sets it apart. Startups such as the Browser Company and SigmaOS have focused on creating different workspaces and opening tabs through a taskbar. Opera One’s upcoming features include a redesigned address bar and other AI-centric features, although the company has yet to reveal the details.

In March, Opera introduced ChatGPT and ChatSonic integrations in its flagship browser, which will be turned on by default in Opera One. The company plans to launch Opera One later this year, replacing its flagship product on Windows, MacOS, and Linux.

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