Opera Browser Integrates ChatGPT and AI Summarization Features for Enhanced Browsing Experience

Opera has recently integrated generative AI chatbots into its desktop browsers, Opera and Opera GX, following the release of Microsoft’s Edge browser that features GPT-4 powered chatbot. The new ChatGPT and ChatSonic tools are available in early access for all desktop platforms. Additionally, the browser maker has launched a new feature that enables users to generate AI prompts by highlighting a text on a website or typing them out. With the AI prompts enabled through the settings, these chatbots can help summarize articles, write social media posts, or provide ideation through prompts.

The Chinese consortium-owned company has also integrated ChatGPT and ChatSonic into its browsers’ sidebar. Although ChatGPT works with text, ChatSonic’s bot, powered by GPT-4, can enable users to generate images from text inputs.

Joanna Czajka, Opera’s product director, stated that “AI generated content is a game-changer for web browsing” and that the company aims to use these technologies to give its users new browsing superpowers by revolutionizing how they learn, create, and research. Opera plans to introduce more AI-powered features in the future using its own GPT-based model.

As generative AI gains popularity, more browsers may follow suit by integrating AI-powered tools. Recently, Brave introduced summation features to its search offering and is already experimenting with AI-focused features for its browser.

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