Snapchat Faces Backlash Over Its AI-Based Chatbot
  • April 25, 2023
  • Thomas Waner
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Snapchat has recently faced criticism from its users due to its chatbot feature called “My AI”, which uses artificial intelligence to answer user queries. This new feature was initially exclusive to subscribers of the paid Snapchat Plus service, but it was later made available to all Snapchat users. However, the My AI chatbot has received negative reviews and a one-star rating out of five on various app stores.

Sensor Tower, a digital market research organization, reported that the average rating of the Snapchat app in the United States on the App Store was 1.67, with 75% of the reviews having a one-star rating, following the launch of the My AI chatbot. The number of daily reviews also increased five times compared to before the launch of the chatbot. This is in contrast to the app’s 3.05 average rating in the first quarter of 2023, with only 35% of the reviews having a one-star rating.

Apptopia, a digital analytics firm, confirmed that negative one-star ratings for Snapchat were nearly three times higher than before the launch of the My AI chatbot. The term “AI” appeared 2,973 times in user reviews during the last week, and it received a very negative score within the company’s evaluation system.

Snapchat users have criticized the My AI chatbot feature for appearing in the application without alert or approval from them, and for its presence in a pinned form above the chat box, which cannot be uninstalled, blocked, or removed. Some users also expressed concern over the chatbot’s access to their data, such as displaying information related to their geographical location even if they did not share it via the SnapMap feature, and providing inappropriate answers at times.

The backlash against the AI-based chatbot comes at a time when interest in AI tools and applications is high, and many companies are considering how to integrate them into their projects in response to user requests.

Snap declined to comment on the matter and stated that it was working on developing Snapchat features based on feedback from the user community, but it did not promise to remove the My AI chatbot. The company’s spokesperson suggested that users who do not like the new feature should not use it.

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