Meta Launches Paid Verification Program in the UK, Introduces Meta Verified for Instagram and Facebook

Meta has introduced its paid verification program, Meta Verified, in the UK, offering users the opportunity to obtain a blue badge for verification on Instagram and Facebook at a monthly subscription cost of £9.99. Targeted towards creators, the subscription includes benefits such as proactive impersonation protection, access to customer support, and exclusive features.

Initially launched in Australia and New Zealand, Meta Verified expanded its availability to users in the United States in March. This move by Meta follows the relaunch of Twitter’s paid verification service, Twitter Blue, which garnered attention in the social media landscape.

Meta made the announcement within the Meta Creators Community UK group, highlighting that the program was developed based on feedback from emerging creators. Notably, separate subscriptions are required for Instagram and Facebook verification. Subscribers must be at least 18 years old, enable two-factor verification, and provide a government ID for identity verification purposes.

Criticism has arisen regarding Meta’s requirement for subscribers to use display names that match their government IDs, as this policy raises concerns about privacy and the potential exposure of individuals who prefer to maintain anonymity, including sex workers and trans creators.

Currently, Meta restricts subscribers from changing their usernames, names, and profile photos. However, the company has acknowledged the need for tools and methods that would enable such modifications.

Unlike Twitter, Meta does not plan to remove the legacy verification badges awarded to notable accounts. Nevertheless, there is no visual distinction between the legacy verification badge and the new subscription-based verification badge within the Meta Verified system.

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