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Twitter launches subscription service for $8 per month


On Saturday, Twitter launched an $8 monthly subscription service, which includes giving subscribers a “blue checkmark ” after verifying their data.

In an update to Apple’s iOS devices, the company said that users who “sign up now” can get the blue tick next to their name “just like celebrities, companies, and politicians,” the Associated Press reported.

It was not immediately clear if the current blue tick holders would lose this feature if they did not pay the specified amount.

On November 1, the new owner of the platform, Elon Musk, described the current Twitter system, which he described as (lords/villages), which distinguishes the owners of the blue tick from others, as “bullshit.”

Musk, who is the richest person in the world, explained that the fee for the blue mark will differ from one country to another, noting that those who pay $ 8 will have priority in many of the platform’s features, and they will be able to share long videos, audio recordings, and 50% fewer ads will appear for them.

Musk announced the opening of the door to financial rewards for content owners on the Twitter platform, and turning them into a source of income for content creators.

The American billionaire, head of Tesla and SpaceX, recently completed the acquisition of Twitter for $44 billion and quickly dismissed 4 senior managers of the social networking site.

According to an internal document sent to Twitter employees and seen by AFP on Friday, “about 50% of employees will be affected” by the company’s ongoing layoffs.

American billionaire Elon Musk justified the decision to lay off employees in a tweet yesterday, Saturday, that there was no other option for the company than to reduce the number of its employees, as it loses more than 4 million dollars a day.

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