OpenAI CEO Raises Concerns Over AI's Impact on Election Integrity and Calls for Regulation
  • May 17, 2023
  • Thomas Waner
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The CEO of OpenAI, the company behind ChatGPT, expressed unease about the use of artificial intelligence (AI) to manipulate elections during a Senate panel discussion on Tuesday. CEO Sam Altman emphasized the need for regulations and guidelines in this critical area.

As AI technology continues to advance, companies of all sizes are racing to develop increasingly versatile AI systems, investing vast amounts of data and funds into their development. However, critics worry that AI could exacerbate societal issues, including prejudice and misinformation, while some even express concerns about the potential existential threat AI may pose to humanity.

Senator Cory Booker acknowledged the global expansion of AI and the challenges it presents, stating that once the genie is out of the bottle, it cannot be put back. Lawmakers, including Senator Mazie Hirono, highlighted the imminent danger of misinformation as the 2024 election approaches. Hirono mentioned a viral image depicting the arrest of former President Trump by the NYPD, pressing Altman on whether he considered such fake images harmful.

Altman responded by advocating for transparency in image generation, suggesting that creators should clearly indicate when an image is computer-generated rather than factual. Speaking before Congress for the first time, Altman proposed that the United States explore licensing and testing requirements for the development of AI models. When asked about which types of AI should be subject to licensing, Altman identified models capable of persuading or manipulating a person’s beliefs as crossing a significant threshold.

Altman also voiced support for companies to have control over their data’s usage in AI training, a topic currently under discussion on Capitol Hill. However, he noted that publicly available web content would likely remain fair game for AI applications. Altman expressed openness to the idea of advertising in AI systems but expressed a preference for a subscription-based model.

Recognizing the importance of addressing AI’s impact, the White House has gathered top technology CEOs, including Altman, to discuss AI-related matters. U.S. lawmakers are also actively seeking measures to maximize the benefits of AI while safeguarding national security and preventing misuse. However, reaching a consensus on the appropriate course of action remains a significant challenge.

Reuters recently reported that an OpenAI employee proposed the establishment of a U.S. licensing agency for AI, potentially named the Office for AI Safety and Infrastructure Security (OASIS). Altman called for global cooperation on AI and the creation of incentives to ensure compliance with safety standards.

Christina Montgomery, Chief Privacy and Trust Officer at International Business Machines Corp, urged Congress to focus regulatory efforts on areas with the highest potential for societal harm.

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