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Survey: 5G mobile phone shipments set a record, iPhone accounted for more than half

Does your phone support 5G?

In Q3 2022, global smartphone sales revenue fell by 3% compared with the same period last year, and shipments even fell by 12%.

But it is worth noting that 5G mobile phones accounted for 46% of Q3 shipments in 2022, setting a new record; since the cost of 5G mobile phones is 5 times that of non-5G mobile phones, this also caused the average selling price (ASP) to rise by 10%, to ease the decline in shipments.

Harmeet Singh Walia, the senior analyst at Counterpoint Research, pointed out that 5G mobile phone revenue contributed more than US$80 billion, accounting for 80% of the overall global mobile phone revenue, setting a new record compared with 69% in the same period last year. The transition from 4G mobile phones to 5G mobile phones is led by Apple. Apple alone accounts for more than half of all 5G mobile phone revenue. Currently, 95% of iPhones on the market support 5G networks.

In Q3 2022, global smartphone sales revenue fell by 3% compared with the same period last year, and shipments even fell by 12%.

Harmeet Singh Walia said that compared with the same period last year, Apple’s Q3 revenue in 2022 will have a 10% growth, and 7% of the ASP will be on the market, which will even further drive the overall growth of global mobile phone ASP; Credit to the launch of the iPhone 14 series.

Samsung is the second-highest mobile phone revenue maker in Q3 2022. Although Samsung’s latest Flip and Fold series folding machine shipments are much higher (up 27% compared to the same period last year), the company’s revenue in this quarter ASP was only up 2% year-over-year.

The revenue of Xiaomi mobile phones in this quarter increased by 4% compared with the same period last year, a large part of which came from products in the middle and low price range. %; a major shift from products in the sub-$200 price range to the $200-299 range, which helped Xiaomi’s ASP grow 14% year-on-year to $205.

As for other brands, OPPO’s ASP and mobile phone revenue have fallen by 5% and 27% respectively compared with the same period last year. The main factor is the decline in OPPO’s shipments in China (affected by the epidemic); in 2022 Q3 OPPO’s shipments in China accounted for more than 40% of the company’s total shipments. As for Vivo, which also relies heavily on the Chinese market (its shipments in China account for more than half of the total shipments), the company’s revenue will soon be even greater.

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