The video-sharing service YouTube recently started testing the “Add to queue” feature for Android and iOS mobile device users.

Video-sharing service YouTube recently started testing the “Add to queue” feature for Android and iOS mobile device users.

YouTube has made this feature available to users of the web version of its platform for years, and it also provides it to the YouTube application on mobile devices under specific circumstances, such as: controlling Chromecast broadcast devices using phones.

Now, YouTube has started testing the feature with Premium subscribers who choose to agree to try the experimental features, and it allows them to add videos to a list to watch together.

After activating the feature, users will see, by clicking on the three dots that are displayed below each video, along with the title, a new option: “Play last in the queue.” By clicking on it, the video is added to the bottom of the list, or a list is created. Now if the user is not watching a video.

After each video in the list finishes, YouTube plays the next one until they are all finished. The feature also allows the ability to rearrange clips in the list or delete them. The entire list can be deleted by exiting the YouTube app or clicking the close x button in the bottom bar.

If you are subscribed to the paid YouTube service, and you do not see the new feature, you can activate it by clicking on the profile picture in the upper right corner, then going to Settings, then try new features, then scroll to the “Next Content List” feature. Queue, then Try it Out.

According to the settings screen, the feature test will remain available until January 28th.

It is noteworthy that the YouTube Premium paid service, which is available for about $ 12 per month, offers subscribers many features, such as: watching without ads, watching in the background, and downloading videos to watch without the Internet, in addition to access to the YouTube Music Premium music service.

The feature also allows users to opt-in to try features before they are released to the general public.

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