Google's announcement comes as part of Safer Internet Day, which is celebrated in February of each year.
  • February 7, 2023
  • Mohmed Abdelaziz
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Google announced the launch of a set of new features aimed at providing better protection and a more secure experience within a range of its various services. Google’s announcement comes as part of Safer Internet Day, which is celebrated in February of each year.

The company stressed its main role in employing technology to ensure the protection and security of users of its various services, and to provide them with protection against various types of electronic attacks, fraud, and tracking.

Since Google is the most used search service in the world, the company constantly strives to secure it from malicious links and prevent illegal content. And to enhance the protection offered by Google to its users of all age groups, the company announced today the expansion of the SafeSearch feature, which prevents the emergence of sexual content, to now include overlaying obscene and violent images for all users of the site, even if the SafeSearch feature is not activated. in settings.

Google also announced an update to the Google Password Manager built into the Chrome browser, which helps users create secure passwords and easily enter them on a computer or phone. In the new update, verification of the user’s identity by biometric fingerprint, such as a hand or face print, was supported as an additional confirmation step before filling in the password. The biometric fingerprint will also be approved when the user requests to reveal or copy the password, within the Chrome browser on both computers and Android phones.

Chrome browser

For users of the Google App on iOS, its protection has been enhanced by enabling the user to protect privacy settings within the application with the Face ID feature, which protects against changing privacy settings if the phone falls into the hands of another user.

Finally, Google talked about the Virtual Cards feature available for Chrome browser and Android phones, which is the feature that automatically creates a temporary credit card number when paying online, so that the number is used only once to complete the payment process with it instead of the original number of the user’s card. This contributes to protecting card details from theft. Google launched this feature last year, but today it announced its expansion to include support for (American Express) cards.

protecting card details from theft

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