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Have satellite communications become part of our devices?

The user may suffer from the poor reception of the mobile phone network in some urban areas or within large cities, and this problem is no longer limited to remote or desert areas, where there is no coverage of mobile phone networks.

BSC System

The British Bullitt company has sought to overcome this problem by launching a satellite into a fixed orbit around the Earth. The British company unveiled the new system, which is known as the Bullitt Satellite Connect, known as the BSC system, during its participation in the CES electronics fair recently.

It is scheduled that the satellite service will be available from Bullet during the first quarter of this year, and the service of the British company will not be limited to smartphones intended for heavy-duty uses, but this service was developed in cooperation with the processor company Media Tech, and an application called “Bullitt Satellite Messenger” will be launched Satellite Messenger), and electronics companies can obtain a license for this service and integrate it into their devices.

The ability of the smartphone equipped with the satellite service “Inmarsat” to transmit to a distance of 36 thousand kilometers; To the presence of a Media Tech processor inside it, which sends signals within the range of the satellite, and the short text message is currently limited to 144 characters, in addition to making emergency text calls, and the service is not only limited to sending text messages but it can also be received.

The SMS service works reliably under test conditions in the desert on a clear day, the transmission takes less than 20 seconds, and Bullitt says all one needs is a clear view of the sky.

If there is no connection via the mobile phone network, the instant messaging application works via satellite, and the recipient receives the SMS via satellite like a regular message in the SMS application, and he can also download the Bullet application and reply to messages.

The British company indicated that the new BSC system is not intended for major cities, but rather aims to meet the requirements of users when touring remote areas away from cities or during vacations, boat sailing tours, and mountain or desert trips, so that one can From reaching out to family and friends or asking for help in a worst-case scenario.

Richard Walton, the founder of Bullitt, outlined some other use scenarios, including contacting emergency and rescue forces. Satellite communications may be one of the simple ways to cover large countries with mobile telephony networks, fill network gaps and provide expensive infrastructure, and if there is no network mast, it can be converted to the satellite.

SMS messages are the beginning of the path to achieving this goal. Richard Walton noted some ambitious plans. Since it is possible to make phone calls within two years, in addition to that it is also planned to transfer data.

Apple allows its current iPhone 14 smartphone to communicate with the Globalstar satellite
Apple allows its current iPhone 14 smartphone to communicate with the Globalstar satellite

iPhone 14

The SMS service via satellite is not limited to Pollitt, but Apple allows its current iPhone 14 smartphone to communicate with the Globalstar satellite, but the service is currently limited to making emergency calls and sharing location data.

Qualcomm, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of processors and semiconductors, offers a similar service with its Snapdragon Satellite Hardware, which it showed at the Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

Thanks to the second-generation processors from the “Snapdragon-8” platform, international companies will be able to integrate satellite communication service into their smartphones, and Qualcomm relies on communication in the frequency band of the “Iridium” satellite system in orbit. My landline is low, and it relies on Garmin technology to make emergency calls.

In addition to smartphones, the satellite communication service can be integrated into laptops, tablets, cars, and other network devices.

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