Dungeon Cards
  • January 15, 2023
  • Thomas Waner
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Updated: 15/1/2023Genre: Roleplaying
Version: 1.0.241Requirements: Android 4.1

Dungeon Cards is another great variant of a puzzle-crossed card game. Pixel graphics, the unpredictability of further events due to random generation, a variety of original characters, with their pluses and minuses, which significantly change the tactics of passing, dangerous opponents, prizes, and much, much more will please everyone who loves minimalistic, but extremely addictive projects. Embark on a journey through an endless dungeon that can surprise even the most avid tourists in this adventure segment. And try not to fall into a trap created by your own hands.

Dungeon Cards is an addictive puzzle game with elements of a card game and classic roguelikes.

Each move the player makes will generate a random situation, a small puzzle, and so on, which will not be so easy to solve, given the huge variety of monsters and unusual creatures that await you.

The character will move around a small square field consisting of 9 different tiles (cards). Dozens of catacombs, hundreds of enemies, and many in-game trophies await you to collect. Before you start your journey, you need to create a character, customize its appearance, select several unique abilities, and also note positive and negative traits.

At the time of passing the game you will expect numerous dungeons filled with skeletons, zombies, cacti, bats, and other creatures. You need to deftly move around the locations, and avoid traps and other dangers. Each action in the game is performed in a step-by-step format, that is, you can activate the potion, and after the move goes to the opponent. The meaning of the game is to complete all the dungeons, destroy enemies and open unique cards with cool skills and abilities.


Download Dungeon Cards 1.0.241 Mod (Unlimited Gold Coin) for free

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