Binance Exchange Adds Options to Buy Cryptocurrencies Through Google and Apple Payments

Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, has provided its users with various options for purchasing cryptocurrencies. The platform has updated the list of these options, to enable users to buy cryptocurrencies using Google and Apple payments (Google Pay and Apple Pay).

Binance Exchange Adds the Possibility of Buy Crypto Through Google and Apple Payments

Making a cryptocurrency trading platform, Binance is an important step towards improving the service that will help develop usability and adoption of crypto investment by the broader population. Additionally, the statement stated that users can take advantage of these well-known payment options to purchase cryptocurrencies in a simple way. However, Binance’s move comes after the cryptocurrency exchange introduced the “Apple Pay” payment option to its user on June 24, 2022.

The Binance platform is expanding cryptocurrency adoption

The value of payment requests in the financial industry has increased dramatically in recent years. Also, these types of apps are being used by users more frequently than ever before, and they are constantly being integrated into the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

Binance’s move undoubtedly provides an opportunity to capture a significant market share of people in digital assets due to both mobile wallets. This is among the most used payment methods in the market. There are 43.9 million Apple Pay users alone, according to Google Pay has 25 million users, making it the second most popular digital wallet overall.

Mobile wallets and entry into the cryptocurrency arena

However, the arrival of these mobile wallets in the cryptocurrency arena indicates an evolution in the availability of digital assets to a wider audience. Also, the flexibility of these digital wallets has the potential to attract new users to Binance and the cryptocurrency worlds.

Furthermore, Binance Exchange is working much harder to comply with US regulators and law enforcement. On December 21, the largest cryptocurrency exchange joined forces with a US lobbying firm the Chamber of Digital Commerce, to help promote policies that benefit and protect users.

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