facilitate search within YouTube videos, in addition to the ability to create educational courses, and obtain multiple audio tracks

Google announced on Monday during a special event held in India that it is working on finding a way to facilitate search within YouTube videos, in addition to the ability to create educational courses, and obtain multiple audio tracks that facilitate content presentation in several different languages.

The company is still testing these features, so it’s not necessarily fully available to everyone yet, including a feature that allows users to search for a YouTube video from its search app.

And Google indicated that this feature is available when the user searches for something, and among the results is a video clip, it will be possible to click on the “Search in Video” button, which will allow him to type a phrase to see if it is present in the text copied from the video, which is often automatically generated by The YouTube.

And if the phrase is in the text, the user will be able to see where it is and then tap the timestamp to be taken directly to the moment the phrase was spoken, according to the screen recording shared by the Google account in India in the tweet.

It is noteworthy that the ability to search in automatic or manual video text is not a completely new feature, as it has been available on the web for a long time, but it seems more difficult than what Google seeks, as it requires opening the copied text and then searching in it and then moving to the moment by clicking on the timestamp.

YouTube had said in October 2021 that it would start experimenting with allowing users to do the same in its mobile app. Although the ability to view copied text is now available on Android and iOS, the ability to search it is not widely available.

The company also announced a feature called Courses, which will allow content creators to make available a series of educational videos, as well as supplementary materials, such as PDFs or images, for a fee, and will be available under related videos.

Google is also working on another feature that could help make courses and other videos on YouTube easier to access in a variety of languages, by enabling content creators to add multiple audio tracks in different languages ​​similar to what is available on some streaming and movie services.

The feature, which the company says it is currently beta-testing in partnership with some healthcare companies and hospitals in India, works similarly to the captioning system, as you can tap the settings icon and then the audio track menu, which will present all the languages ​​in which the video is available.

Google says its tests include third-party translation and dubbing services. Given that YouTube has the ability to automatically transcribe and translate captions, the site may in the future seek to convert the translated text into speech embedded in the video.

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