The world remembers on World Internet Day the most prominent event, which is the sending of the first e-mail in 1969
  • October 30, 2022
  • Mohmed Abdelaziz
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Celebrating October 29 is a celebration of one of the most important inventions in human history: the Internet. No one on this day could have imagined what the Internet would mean after all these years. Who would have imagined booking entire vacations abroad over the phone? Or just send messages that reach the other part of the world within a split second? But now you can’t even imagine a day without the internet.

The history that changed human life

On World Internet Day, the world remembers the most significant event, the first e-mail being sent in 1969. At that point, the Internet was called ARPANET, which stands for Advanced Research Projects Agency Network.

Charlie Klein, a programming student from the University of California, Los Angeles, was the one who transmitted the first-ever email. But the official celebration of the first International Internet Day began in 2005.

The most important aspect or boon of the Internet is social networking. Humans are social and need to connect with society
The most important aspect or boon of the Internet is social networking. 
Humans are social and need to connect with society 

Why do we celebrate World Internet Day?

1. Recognizing the Connectivity Gaps
While it is true that we cannot imagine life without the Internet anywhere, there are many places in the world that are not yet connected to the Internet. If you go to a mountaintop village you will find that there is no Internet there.

It is estimated that only 10% of the world’s surface has a terrestrial connection. It is a very small number, so there is a need to spread the connection so that we can communicate with more people.

2. A Flexible Connection Solution The
The Internet brings a fast connection and can connect from this corner of the world to the other. We can talk to people from different countries and continents through letters, emails, and calls.

You now have different communication methods. It is no longer limited to letters, although today handwritten letters have their own charm.

3. Social Networking The
most important aspect or boon of the Internet is social networking. Humans are social and need to connect with society.

Thanks to the Internet, task has become easier. All you have to do today is send a WhatsApp message or just a video call. Today everything is possible with just a tap on the phone.

4. Positive use of the Internet The
The Internet has many uses, from education to entertainment. You can use the Internet in many ways. Plan an entire trip or just watch a party on Netflix, it’s your choice.

Although there are bad parts to it, there are always two parts to the story. But this does not mean that the Internet is only bad. While there are 100% risks associated with internet use, there are also 100% positive effects. These effects were visible during the COVID-19 pandemic as the internet became the only method of communication.

Metaverse where the world can meet and feel without having to be physically present
Metaverse where the world can meet and feel without having to be physically present

The future

The future with the internet seems very close yet. Today we can only ask or command the network to turn on the light, make calls, and have conversations. A simple Google search will show you hilarious videos of conversations between humans and Alexa or even Siri.

Additionally, we have the Metaverse where the world can meet and feel without having to be physically present. There are still more improvements to come.

Although it is not part of the Internet, bots will one day become part of it. While some fear this change, others want to see it.

We have evolved with the Internet, and things that we did not imagine yesterday are possible today, and tomorrow will be no different. Whatever you can imagine will be possible.

We celebrate the World Wide Web on October 29th to remember that we started with one message and expanded to millions and billions of messages per second. This is the day to appreciate what we have thanks to the Internet and to think about where we are going in the future.

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