Workplace Culture Becomes Priority for Jobseekers as Amazon Tops LinkedIn’s List of Best Places to Work

According to data tracked by, more than 171,000 people have been laid off in the tech industry so far this year. However, jobseekers are not solely prioritizing how much money they’ll make; instead, they are looking for workplaces that align with their values. LinkedIn recently published its eighth annual list of best places to work, where Amazon held onto the top spot, and Google owner Alphabet dropped from number two last year to number five this year.

LinkedIn’s rankings are based on more than just practical assessments, such as what percentage of people were laid off. Instead, it scores companies on softer and cultural skills, such as growth and learning opportunities, equity in the workplace, and strong company culture. The rankings reflect how individuals’ priorities are changing, as job seekers prioritize organizations that align with their own values. The eight factors considered for the rankings include ability to advance, skills growth, company stability, external opportunity, company affinity, gender diversity, educational background, and employee presence in the country.

In response to these findings, LinkedIn has launched a new tool for jobseekers to construct their job searches. Users can now filter workplaces that have policies and priorities in areas such as diversity and inclusion (DEI), career growth and learning, work-life balance, social impact, and environmental sustainability. LinkedIn Learning is also offering some free courses to help users learn how to seek out these job opportunities more effectively.

LinkedIn itself and its owner Microsoft are intentionally left out of the rankings. Alongside Amazon and Alphabet, only one other technology company made the top-10 list: Apple, at number eight. While Twitter is not in the rankings at all, other biggies such as Facebook owner Meta, Netflix, and Samsung are also absent.

Tech-adjacent AT&T was ranked number six, while tech management consultancy Thoughtworks was ranked number nine. Banks, healthcare, and Boeing were among the other sectors represented in the top ten. The rankings show that LinkedIn continues to tweak its platform to remain relevant in the employment game, whatever rules that game may take.

In conclusion, workplace culture has become a priority for jobseekers, changing the bigger picture for how recruiters can capture the best talent. It remains to be seen whether cultural values are a sign of the times or permanent priorities among jobseekers. The full list of rankings and descriptions can be found on LinkedIn’s website.

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