WhatsApp is testing voice status for iOS Beta
  • November 26, 2022
  • Mohmed Abdelaziz
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    The WhatsApp instant messaging service has started testing the ability to publish voice messages within status updates in the iOS system, after starting to test it in the Android system earlier.

    WhatsApp has now started testing the feature on iOS, after launching the link preview feature for links that are shared within status updates.

    WhatsApp started testing the voice messaging feature within the status updates of Google’s Android system last September, with version of the application.

    WhatsApp is testing voice status for iOS Beta

    The feature is still under development for Android, but the service has begun to expand testing to now include the iOS operating system for iPhone smartphones from Apple.

    Screenshot of the feature, showing that when I post a status update, a microphone icon will appear at the bottom of the screen enabling the user to post a 30-second audio message, along with a text status.

    Similar to other status updates, the user can select who can listen to the voice messages from the privacy settings, and they are also encrypted.

    WhatsApp is testing voice status for iOS Beta -

    Because the feature is still under development, we haven’t been able to show you what the iOS audio status will look like, although it may look similar to what happens in the Android version.

    We expect that the audio status feature will be officially available to the general public in a future update, similar to what WhatsApp does with other features that it is constantly testing.

    Those wishing to try out the new features can sign up for the WhatsApp beta app on Android, and the latest beta version of the app can also be downloaded and installed manually from here. You can also sign up for the iOS beta program here.

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