WhatsApp Introduces Keep in Chat Option to Save Disappearing Messages
  • April 22, 2023
  • Jacob Morris
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WhatsApp has launched a new feature called Keep in Chat, which allows users to save messages from a disappearing message thread. This new feature will enable users to save important messages, including voice notes or someone’s address, that would otherwise disappear after a set time period. Users can long-press on the message to keep it in the chat, but the sender will be notified and will have the option to veto saved messages. The messages saved will appear with a bookmark icon, and users can access them all in a Kept Messages folder that is organized by chat.

WhatsApp is gradually rolling out this new feature, and it will be available to everyone within a few weeks. However, the Keep in Chat feature has raised questions about the purpose of disappearing messages. The company clarified in a blog post that there may be situations where users need to save a message with essential information, and this feature would be helpful in such instances.

This feature is beneficial for users who receive important information or messages that they need to refer to later. They no longer have to worry about losing crucial information after the set time period expires. Moreover, the Keep in Chat feature adds a new level of privacy for senders, allowing them to veto saved messages and protect their privacy.

Despite this feature’s introduction, WhatsApp remains committed to providing users with the option of disappearing messages. The disappearing messages feature is still available, and messages will still disappear as usual when the timer runs out.

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