• September 25, 2022
  • Mohmed Abdelaziz
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With one simple move, people can make a fatal mistake that slows down their iPhone and even causes problems with battery life: closing applications that are open in the phone’s background.

Many people think that closing apps will save battery life or boost iPhone performance, but it’s best not to close apps if you want your device to work properly.

Closing apps can take longer to load next time. In this regard, Apple, the manufacturer of the iPhone, explained: “When recently used apps appear in the background of the phone, they are not open (do not work), but they are in standby mode to help you navigate and multitask.”

“You should force close an app only if it is not responding,” she continued.

The British newspaper, “The Sun”, explained that some people think that open applications are running all the time, but in reality, the “iPhone” freezes them, so it does not drain resources while you do other things.

Technical writer John Gruber said, “It is very good that unfreezing a frozen application (that is, using an application that is already open in the background of the phone) reduces CPU and battery consumption, compared to restarting an application that has been forcibly closed.”

Mohmed Abdelaziz

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