Twitter's Verification System Gets an Upgrade, Legacy Blue Checkmarks Phased Out

Twitter has started implementing changes to its verification system by removing the original blue checkmarks from users’ profiles. The move has been in discussion for some time, and now Twitter has finally begun the process of phasing out the legacy blue checkmark system. Going forward, users will have to subscribe to Twitter’s Blue program for $8 per month to receive the blue checkmark. However, businesses will receive a gold checkmark without any subscription, and government and multilateral organizations will receive a gray checkmark.

The social media platform introduced the verification system back in 2009 to reduce the potential for impersonation. The system initially focused on established individuals in areas such as politics, entertainment, and media, regardless of their level of fame. However, when Elon Musk took over Twitter in 2022, he criticized the number of “corrupt” verified accounts and claimed that the system needed to be changed. He proposed that the Blue program would democratize the checkmark system.

The Blue program, however, faced significant challenges when trolls began abusing the system to impersonate notable figures, including Musk. This led to the suspension and relaunching of the Blue program, with Twitter instituting a review process that barred sign-ups from accounts less than 90 days old. The introduction of the gold and gray checkmarks restored some anti-impersonation measures, but many celebrities, journalists, and other well-known personalities no longer have the same level of protection.

In addition to changes to its verification system, Twitter has faced criticism over its user labels. Several major media organizations, such as NPR and PBS, have left Twitter due to their objection to the “government-funded media” label. These outlets argue that the label falsely implies government influence over their content when they maintain strict editorial independence. The removal of the legacy blue checkmark system only underscores the growing tension between Twitter and its users. Critics worry that the platform is prioritizing revenue generation over maintaining user trust.

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