Twitter to Introduce Per-Article Charging in May

Twitter’s CEO Elon Musk has announced that the company will roll out a new feature next month that will allow media publishers to charge users for access to individual articles they post on the website. The move will give publishers a new way to earn revenue from their content outside of the traditional subscription model. With per-article charging, users will pay a higher price per article compared to a monthly subscription. However, this feature is designed for users who want to read the occasional story from a specific outlet. Therefore, the cost of each article is likely to be lower than that of a monthly subscription.

The details about this new feature remain vague at this point. It’s unclear which types of accounts and media outlets will be able to offer per-article charging, and how much Twitter will be taking as a commission. When Twitter replaced Super Follows with Subscriptions, Musk announced that the company would not take any money from creators for the next year, after which it would take a 10 percent cut on subscriptions. It remains to be seen whether Twitter will apply the same rule for per-article payments.

Twitter, under Musk’s leadership, has been introducing more paid features to boost revenue. The verification badge, which was previously free, is now available only to Blue subscribers who pay $8 a month. Twitter has also shut down its free API and launched a new paid one that enterprise customers have to pay almost $50,000 a month to access. As a result, some organizations and companies, such as NYC’s transport authority, have chosen to leave Twitter or end their Twitter integration.

Twitter’s per-article charging feature could be a game-changer for media publishers who are looking to monetize their content. However, the success of this feature will depend on how it is implemented and whether Twitter’s users are willing to pay for individual articles. We will have to wait and see how this new feature will be received and how it will impact the media industry as a whole.

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