Friday, March 31, 2023

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Twitter re-launch the Blue service at a more expensive price for Apple users

Twitter said that it intends to re-launch its monthly subscription service, Twitter Blue, with its new look tomorrow, Monday, at a higher price for Apple device users.

The company stated in a tweet that it is possible to subscribe to the service via the web for $ 8 per month or via Apple’s iOS system for $ 11 per month, in order to access exclusive features, such as the blue check mark.

Twitter did not explain the reason behind making the price charged to users of Apple devices higher than subscribers via the web, but previous reports suggested that the motive behind this was an attempt by the company to offset the fees imposed by Apple on each payment process that takes place through the App Store.

Twitter added that subscribers will also get the ability to edit tweets, upload 1080p videos, reading mode, in addition to the blue verification mark, with the caveat that obtaining it will not happen before verifying the account.

In order to distinguish between individual accounts, which did not get the verification mark except because they subscribed to the Twitter Blue service, and between corporate accounts and government accounts, Twitter said that it would replace the phrase “official” that now appears for company accounts, with a golden verification mark, and later in the week, It will put a gray check mark for government accounts and multilateral accounts.

The company launched the Twitter Blue service last November, but it temporarily suspended it after the chaos and problems caused by the fake accounts that obtained the blue verification mark, and then it was scheduled to be launched on November 29, but the company decided to postpone it again.

To solve the problem of fake accounts, Twitter indicated that subscribers will be able to change their name, display name, or profile picture, but if they do, they will temporarily lose the blue verification mark until their accounts are reviewed again.

The new announcement from Twitter comes after its CEO, Elon Musk, said on Friday that the platform is working on a new software update that aims to notify users whose accounts are subject to what is known as a “hidden ban”, and will also explain to them the reason while allowing them to petition to lift the ban.

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