twitter is experiencing issues as a number of users are reporting being logged out of the desktop website without any prior notice and are unable to log back in. This comes after the service faced significant problems in February and March. While the cause of the latest outage is not clear, Twitter’s PR department has been unresponsive, with only a poop emoji in response to press inquiries. It is uncertain when the issue will be fixed or if it is a result of a major system failure.

Interestingly, the outage coincides with an increase in sign-ups for alternative social media platforms like Mastodon or Bluesky. Elon Musk, Twitter’s owner and CEO, has been tweeting about his company Tesla’s 20 million Twitter followers, without mentioning the possibility of bots or how many have subscribed to Twitter Blue for the verified checkmark.

Earlier in the day, it was discovered that some “legacy verified” accounts had briefly regained their blue logo by editing their profile information. This may have prompted Twitter to force users to log out.

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