Friday, March 31, 2023

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Twitter is relaunching Twitter Blue with the gold verification mark

    Twitter officially announced the re-launch of its monthly subscription service, Twitter Blue, with a new look for web and Apple iOS users.

    The social networking platform said in a post on its blog that Twitter Blue subscribers will be able to access exclusive features, such as editing tweets, uploading 1080p video, and reading mode.

    Also under the subscription, users will receive a blue verification mark after reviewing their accounts to ensure that they meet all of Twitter’s requirements, including its rules for preventing impersonation.

    The company warned against suspending accounts found to be in violation of its rules without refunds.

    Twitter Blue can be subscribed to on the web for $8 per month or via Apple’s iOS for $11 per month. Subscribers who register on one platform will be able to access Twitter Blue on all supported platforms: iOS, web, and Android.

    Existing Twitter Blue subscribers will be able to upgrade, cancel or renew their subscription automatically at the new price. Prices may vary by region. Regarding Android, the company said it plans to offer subscriptions for Google’s operating system soon.

    The company explained that the Twitter Blue subscription is now available in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom. She said she plans to roll it out to more countries soon.

    In addition to reviewing all accounts upon sign-up, the company indicated that it takes a number of other steps to detect and prevent impersonation.

    It said that subscribers who change their profile information, including display name, profile photo, and username, will temporarily lose the blue check mark until those changes are reviewed by Twitter.

    The company added that accounts created within the last 90 days, inactive accounts, accounts without a verified phone number, and accounts with recent changes to their profile information will not be able to sign up for Twitter Blue at this time.

    In addition to these changes, the company said it will replace the “official” that now appears for company accounts with a gold verification mark, and soon, it will place a gray verification mark for government accounts and multilateral accounts.

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