Twitter's new owner, Elon Musk, has surprised the site's users with how little he knows about the details of his company's platform.
  • November 12, 2022
  • Jacob Morris
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Twitter’s new owner, Elon Musk, has surprised the site’s users with how little he knows about the details of his company’s platform.

A U.S. content maker has revealed Elon Musk knew nothing about Twitter’s acquisition of the Quill platform, prompting Musk to question it.

“Have you considered Twitter acquiring the Tawasul messaging platform? They acquired it about a year ago and planned to use their technology to improve the service. However, nothing actually came of it,” Twitter and content creator Jeff said in a statement. The tweet said in response to Musk.

Musk replied: “What is a Quill?”

Jeff replied to Musk: “Ask your team, ask them how much was spent on it,, I’m curious.”

Twitter acquired Communications Quill in 2021, a business-focused messaging service designed to compete with similar platforms like Slack.

Following Twitter’s acquisition of Tawasul, the incident sparked a spontaneous reaction from site visitors, as Nick Caldwell tweeted at the time, “We’re delighted they’ve joined us and can’t wait to see what we’ve achieved together. .Welcome to join us, team!”

Software expert Zain asked Musk the same question: “Ask your team…or who the rest of them are.”

In another instance, Musk announced the actual implementation of the mechanism for modifying tweets on Twitter in a redacted tweet with the words “GAME OVER” through his account.

The revisions made by Musk showed the possibility of revisions within a specific time frame, with the tweet witnessing a broad rate of interaction between Musk’s followers and Twitter pioneers in the minutes after it was posted.

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