Wednesday, March 29, 2023

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Twitter Blue for Business

Twitter on Monday announced the launch of a business version of its monthly subscription service, Twitter Blue, with many customized features.

“Today we’re excited to announce Twitter Blue for Business, a new way for businesses and their affiliates to verify and stand out on Twitter,” the company said in a blog post.

Twitter added that the new launch builds on the introduction of the Twitter Blue service to individual users, in an effort to enhance and differentiate businesses on Twitter.

Twitter Blue for Business

A new feature for businesses participating in Twitter Blue for Business is the ability to link all of their individuals, businesses, and brands to their accounts. With that, those accounts will get a small tag with their parent company’s profile picture next to the blue or gold verification mark.

By creating this connection, Twitter enables companies to create networks within their own organizations on Twitter. Businesses can show their leadership, brands, support accounts, employees, or teams.

It is noteworthy that the link will not only include commercial establishments, but also journalists and their media organizations, sports team players, and movie personalities. Twitter said it would share any new benchmarks, pricing, or processes later.

Twitter believes this is “an amazing moment for businesses to further integrate their people, businesses, and brands into the Twitter DNA”.

Twitter revealed that it plans in the future to add more features to the service to help businesses and their affiliates make the most of the Twitter platform.

The company alerted that it is now testing Twitter Blue for Business with a select group of companies. Next year, it will roll it out to more companies that want to sign up.

It is noteworthy that Twitter has also begun to make the profile picture of brands square with rounded corners instead of the well-known circle shape.

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