TSMC established a new talent training center in November 2020 and has cultivated more than 6,300 new recruits from July 2021
  • November 15, 2022
  • Jacob Morris
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TSMC established a new talent training center in November 2020 and has cultivated more than 6,300 new recruits from July 2021 to October this year. In addition to the new employees from the North, Central, and South factories in China, even the employees of the new 5nm factory in Arizona, USA, and the Japanese factory have also been trained in the new training center.

TSMC’s newcomer training center is located in Zhongke’s Wafer 15A factory, and it is open to media interviews for the first time today. TSMC’s new training center covers a total of 9 floors. In addition to 20 mainframes, there are also 12 pieces of measurement equipment, many of which are actual production line equipment, and some of which are worth hundreds of millions of yuan.

Zhuang Zhou, deputy general manager of TSMC business, said that the new training center is mainly to make up for the gap between the school and the industry. Provide a professional, efficient and safe training field, guide new engineers to integrate into TSMC’s corporate culture and engineering technology development, and cultivate practical operation, independent thinking, and a self-learning attitude.

TSMC’s new training center starts every 2 weeks and carries out practical operations for 4 to 8 weeks. As of October this year, it has cultivated more than 6,300 new troops. TSMC is currently also cooperating with 7 universities, namely Beijing University of Science and Technology, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, Central China, Yangming Jiaotong University, Qingdao University, Chengdu University, and Zhongshan University, and has established long-term cooperative relations with schools to facilitate the recruitment of professionals.

The new training center plans a total of 4 major courses according to job categories, including equipment learning, process learning, system learning, and on-duty skills. In terms of the equipment learning process, the introduction and implementation of the functions of the machine and components, and the analysis and solution of machine problems.

In the part of process learning, there are semiconductor process introduction and analysis, and testing capabilities. In terms of the system learning process, there are introductions of common system functions of production lines and real machine operations. On-duty skills are to develop abnormal handling and adaptability.

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