Many Twitter management officials left the company during the previous days after Musk arrived to manage the platform
  • November 2, 2022
  • Mike Hunt
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The hashtag (#TrumpIsDead) has spread on Twitter, which is facing a real test after it was acquired by South African-American businessman Elon Musk, and he promised to make many positive changes to it.

As the first content management test in Musk’s era, comedian Tim Heidecker launched the hashtag “#TrumpIsDead”, and the tweet was retweeted thousands of times until it became the “trend” on the platform.

Content management has been in difficulty since Musk took over Twitter, as the use of hate speech and the dissemination of misinformation on the platform increased a few days after taking office, in defiance of the changes he promised to make.

Bloomberg reported that Twitter prevented hundreds of employees from accessing content management tools, and access was limited to only 15 people, and many workers could no longer access tools to suspend or block accounts to combat misinformation.

This comes with the midterm elections approaching in the United States, which has some workers concerned about whether Twitter can combat disinformation in the elections with fewer workers.

Twitter’s head of safety, Yoel Roth, stated – in a series of tweets – that the restrictions were imposed to prevent workers from changing programming codes during the transfer of ownership to the new management.

Musk had previously criticized the restrictions on content on Twitter, and indicated that he would remove the ban imposed on many users after taking over the administration.

New features added to Twitter

 On the other hand, the billionaire talked about making the tweet edit button feature available to all users within the changes he intends to make after it was available to Twitter Blue subscribers only. And Musk had conducted a survey in a previous tweet about whether users would like to add an edit button to tweets, and Twitter confirmed hours after Musk’s tweet that he started working to add the feature.

Twitter is also adding a feature that will allow users to be charged for watching videos, and the company will receive a portion of the revenue, according to The Washington Post. The platform is seeking to speed up the rollout of the feature, which it calls “Paywalled Video”.

Because of the risks associated with this feature in terms of copyright and others and not specifying the types of videos that might be posted, the review team was given 3 days to provide feedback on the potential risks of the feature before it was rolled out.

More administrators are leaving messages of reassurance to employees

On the management front, more officials have left over the past few days under the new management of Elon Musk, according to a Reuters report, including chief customer and advertising director Sarah Personnett, chief marketing officer Leslie Berland, chief product officer Jay Sullivan, Jean-Philippe Miho is the vice president of sales, and it is not yet clear whether they have resigned or been laid off.

On the employee front, Twitter workers fear that they will be laid off before they receive their compensation from the shares acquired, given the existence of previous cases between Elon Musk and employees of his other company, “Tesla.” But Twitter employees confirmed that employees will receive their rights from the newly acquired shares on November 4, 2022.

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