Truecaller to launch caller identification service to help WhatsApp users combat spam
  • May 8, 2023
  • Jacob Morris
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Truecaller, the caller identification service, is set to introduce its service on WhatsApp and other messaging applications to help users identify and block potential spam calls over the internet, according to Reuters. The feature is currently in the beta phase and will be rolled out globally in May, according to Truecaller CEO Alan Mamedi. The move comes in response to an increase in telemarketing and scam calls in countries like India, where users receive an average of 17 spam calls per month, according to a 2021 report by Truecaller.

In February, India’s telecom regulator directed carriers like Jio and Airtel to use artificial intelligence filters to block telemarketing calls over their networks. Truecaller is in discussions with telecom operators to implement a similar solution. Mamedi noted that Truecaller has seen a spike in user reports from India over the past two weeks regarding spam calls over WhatsApp, which is the most widely used messaging platform in the country. WhatsApp uses spam detection technology to spot and take action against accounts that engage in abnormal behavior and allows users to block and report problematic accounts.

India is Truecaller’s biggest market with 250 million users. The company has 350 million users globally and earns its revenue from advertising, subscription services, and verified listings from businesses. The company’s aim is to combat spam calls and provide users with a more reliable and safe experience on messaging apps. With its caller identification service, Truecaller can help users identify and avoid spam calls, which can be a major nuisance and security risk.

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