Tips To Help You Improve The Speed Of Your Android Phone

If you are facing a slow Android phone problem, the reason may be low storage space on your phone caused by downloading a large number of applications and files

If you are facing a slow Android phone problem, the reason may be low storage space on your phone caused by downloading a large number of applications and files, or low available RAM, due to running many applications simultaneously. On the other hand, there may be software bugs in a certain application or in the outdated operating system, or there is a problem with the battery that affected the performance of the phone. To solve the problem of a slow Android phone, here are 8 simple tips that help increase the speed of your phone and improve its performance:

1- Close applications that you are not using at the moment:

Closing the apps that you are not using at the moment helps the RAM used with those apps to be available for other apps that you want to use at the moment, and this boosts the speed of the phone’s performance.

2- Get rid of previously deleted files:

If you delete a large number of files at once, go to the file manager on your phone, and delete them directly from the Trash. This will help free up part of the storage space, which improves the speed of the phone.

3- Uninstall apps you don’t use:

Deleting unnecessary applications helps to increase the available storage space, and reduce the consumption of random access memory (RAM), and this helps to increase the speed of the phone’s performance.

If you can’t decide which apps you should delete, consider deleting the apps that drain your battery faster, or go to Settings, then choose Apps, then click on the Unused apps option to find out from there. Apps you don’t use often and decide which ones you can do without.

On the other hand, you can find out how much memory each app uses, by following these steps:

  1. Go to Settings, then select System.
  2. Click on Developer options, then click on Memory.
  3. Select (memory used by apps).
  4. You can see how much memory each app has used in the last 24 hours.

If you want to close an app from that screen, tap its name, tap the three-dot button, and select Force stop.

memory used by apps

4- Clear cache for apps:

This tip is useful if a particular app is causing a problem with the phone’s performance because clearing the cache for that app will free up some of the storage it uses, which may be the reason why your Android phone is slow.

5- Update all apps:

Updating all the applications on your phone helps to get the latest updates added by the company that developed the application, which usually includes fixes for problems that the previous version suffers from, and may have caused your phone to slow down.

6- Update your phone’s operating system:

Similar to app updates, an outdated operating system could be the reason for your phone being slow, and updating to the latest available Android OS version may be enough to address this issue.

7- Replace existing application versions with lightweight versions:

Some companies make an alternative version of their applications, especially for devices with little memory or storage space, and Uptodown provides a large list of lite Android apps, such as Facebook Lite, Spotify Lite, Twitter Lite, Google Maps Go, and Google Go.

8- Download a special application to check and delete viruses:

Adding another app to a slow phone may be counterproductive, but it is important to make sure that there are no viruses that might be causing your phone to slow down. So, download an Antivirus app to keep your phone safe and fast.

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