Friday, March 31, 2023

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Through TikTok, China is protecting its children and making the rest of the world’s children stupid

A former Google employee makes interesting statements about the differences between the Chinese and international versions of the TikTok platform.

There are two versions of the TikTok application, while there is a Chinese version and an international version. The differences between the two versions of the TikTok platform raise the question of an intention to turn children into idiots through this soft power.

“The Chinese version of TikTok offers those under 14 years of age scientific experiments that can be carried out at home, museum tours, or clips,” Tristan Harris, a prominent former Google employee, told the American “60 Minutes” program. “National or educational videos and they limit the use to only 40 minutes a day. This version of TikTok is not offered to the rest of the world. Because they know that technology affects the development of young people, they sell a poor version in their local market, while exporting opium to the rest of the world.”

Harris – who left Google in 2015 after warning in early 2010 of the dangerous effects of new technologies on our attention – confirmed that “studies in China and the United States sought to discover the profession that inspires young people in their future, so the answer was in the United States (an influential figure on the media). ), while in China the answer was (astronaut).”

These statements highlight a disturbing fact, which is the lack of regulation of these social networks, despite the digital services law that entered into force earlier this year in Europe.

However, there is nothing about the debilitating and addictive impact that these platforms can represent, especially with the influence of TikTok, which exceeded that of Google and Facebook in 2021, and is expected to reach 1.8 billion users by the end of 2022 – according to Tristan – “What are the consequences of this?” Effect? Time will tell!”.

“Shouldn’t there be a law that sets age restrictions on accessing social networks, as there are in the case of alcohol, gambling, and cigarettes? Isn’t the common denominator between them an overproduction of dopamine in humans?”

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