Wednesday, March 29, 2023

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Through its promising satellites, Russia may provide internet services to other countries

Russia may provide communications services to other countries through its promising satellites, which it will launch within the framework of the Sphere project.

On the subject, said Pavel Cherenkov, President of the Russian company “Sphere” responsible for the aforementioned project: “Our company plans to enter the global market in the future.”

He added, “Many countries, including Russia, set rules and restrictions on the provision of telecommunications services, and certain conditions must be met by companies wishing to provide telecommunications services… As for satellite operators, opening representative offices for them in different countries of the world is a practice that has become Well established, so I believe our international development strategy will be based on forging new partnerships in other countries.”

Russia had previously announced that the Sphere satellite system would include 7 Express-class satellites, 4 new Express-RV satellites, 12 Skif satellites dedicated to securing wide-area Internet networks, 264 Marathon satellites dedicated to the Internet of Things, in addition to two Yamal communications satellites. , 3 Earth remote sensing satellites of the type Smotr, 84 Berkut-O, and Berkut-VD satellites, and 12 Berkut-X and Berkut-XLP satellites.

It is worth noting that, last April, the “Sphere” company was established in Russia, which will be responsible for operating the aforementioned satellites, and will cooperate with companies operating communications services on the territory of the Russian Federation.

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