smartwatch until last month, with the launch of the Pixel Watch smartwatch, which is the first smartwatch running Google Android.
  • November 11, 2022
  • Mohmed Abdelaziz
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Although Google has launched the smartwatch operating system in 2014, it did not release its smartwatch until last month, with the launch of the Pixel smartwatch, which is the first smartwatch running Google Android.

Opinions vary about the external appearance of the new “Google” smartwatch, and some believe that it resembles the classic design of the elegant “Bauhaus” wristwatch, which was created by Swiss designer Max Bell in 1961, while others believe that the design is very boring because it mimics the design of a traditional wristwatch to an extent. big.

Quality and elegance

However, one should not base his perceptions on images only, when holding the smartwatch in the hand, it looks very elegant and sophisticated, as well as enjoying the highest quality. And since it comes in at 41 millimeters in diameter, it feels too small on the wrists of powerful people.

There is another drawback to the round screen of the smartwatch compared to the rectangular screen of the Apple Watch; Where it is difficult for the user to read long messages, in addition to the fact that the virtual keyboard appears in a small area on the edges of the screen, and therefore the user is not able to press the correct letter easily.

The Google Watch has a 1.6-inch round screen with a resolution of 384 x 384 pixels, and it also has a relatively thick black bezel, but on the other hand, the Google Voice Assistant works perfectly, and the AMOLED screen has a brightness of 1000 nits. So that the contents of the screen can be read perfectly even in sunlight.

All Google watch faces have dark backgrounds, which helps save energy on the one hand and hides the black screen edge on the other, and each of the new smartwatch interfaces offers many customization possibilities.

The Google smart watch awaits fierce competition from the Apple Watch (Apple)
The Google smartwatch awaits fierce competition from the Apple Watch (Apple)

Google Pay

The crown of the smartwatch is used as the main button, in addition to the ability to call the payment function Google Pay without having to take out the wallet or even the smartphone from the pocket, in addition to the presence of an additional button above the crown used to show the latest applications that were used on the screen.

By pressing the button for a relatively long time, the smartwatch is ready to receive voice commands, and the battery life of the Google watch extends to a full day, similar to the Apple Watch.

Trackers Functions

The American company has integrated a number of functions for tracking devices and smartwatches from the company “Fitbit” – which was acquired by Google – in the smartwatch. The Google watch comes with a 6-month subscription to the Fitbit Premium service, for a monthly or annual subscription, the user can get sleep tips, guided training programs, and a number of other functions.

The user can calculate the daily pattern index and perform extended stress analyzes, similar to Apple Fitness Plus, but Apple doesn’t hide as much health analysis behind the guise of payments as Google does.

Another annoying thing about Google watches is that fitness enthusiasts have to use two accounts, as the user needs a Google account to set up the watch, in addition to the need to create a separate Fitbit account, and install another application when wanting to use the smartwatch on a large scale. during exercise.

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