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  • November 2, 2022
  • Mohmed Abdelaziz
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The giant of the Internet search engines, “Google“, terminated the services of the chat application “Google Hangout”, which was attached to the e-mail service, “Gmail”.

Google announced earlier this year its intention to shut down the app that allows text, voice, and video chat.

Google said it would switch users of this app to another platform called Google Chat, which is similar to the business Slack instant messaging app.

As of November 1, Google Hangout will no longer be available on desktop computers, while the service was discontinued on Android and iOS smart devices earlier this year.

This step came after “Google Hangout” was slowly dying in the last period, with “Google” allowing its subscribers to move to the alternative application.

In June, Google said it would urge subscribers to go to the Google Chat app, which is available on its Gmail email or on the app.

“Google Hangouts” achieved very modest numbers, as 5 million people downloaded it from the “Google Play Store”, while the number of users of the instant communication application “WhatsApp” reached more than two billion people.

In 2019, Google suspended the Google Plus service, a social network that the giant company wanted Facebook and Twitter to compete with, but the project did not achieve the desired success.

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