The new Dodge Charger has been revealed with its powerful engines!

At SEMA, Dodge unveiled its newest version of the Charger which combines the modernity and power that American car enthusiasts love.

The well-designed Charger Daytona SRT has retained the look popular with traditional Charger enthusiasts but gets juicy touches such as narrow mirrors and front-facing lighting stripes powered by the latest LED technology.

The vehicle received a very streamlined body, distinguished by its red color, in which the black color overlaps in a very elegant way, as well as the provision of new ventilation holes and modified shock absorbers.

Although the car will be fully electric, it has got systems that make it emit sounds similar to those issued by the exhaust of Charger cars equipped with eight-cylinder petrol engines.

Internally, the car was equipped with the latest technologies, and the driving interface was equipped with a screen in front of the driver and a touch screen to control the audio, air conditioning, and multimedia systems, and many sections of the cabin were decorated with elements made of carbon fiber.

The basic version of the car will get 462 horsepower electric motors that can be upgraded to 503 or 544 horsepower, and stronger versions will be offered equipped with electric motors with 639 and 680 horsepower.

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