Friday, March 31, 2023

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The first drone in the world with a machine gun

The military industry acquired the latest, most intelligent, and most effective technologies, and adapted them to serve its purposes of armament, control, tactical plans, and logistics. Rather, it worked to develop many of them and add accessories that serve their goals.

However, the technology of drones or drones began within the military institution and started from it towards various fields of life, and Turkey is one of the most important countries concerned with developing drone technology to serve military objectives, especially with its recent availability of advanced features that allow for organized attack and precise targeting without involving a human element and exposing Soldiers’ lives are at risk.

The historical background of drones dates back to World War I after Britain developed a radio-controlled aircraft in March 1917, but the first flying turbine was launched in 1918 by American hands.

The drone industry has gone through many stages and has been used in many civil and military fields, but what is new is the Turkish drone “Songar”, which carries a machine gun, and is expected to be delivered before the end of the year, making Turkey the first country to receive a drone equipped with a cannon. Spray.

The weight of the Turkish drone is 25 kilograms, and it carries 8 rotating blades responsible for the plane’s take-off and rotation in the air, and its machine gun carries about 200 rounds of ammunition, and it also contains a high-resolution camera to locate and shoot at the target from 200 meters away, and work is underway to hit the target. From 400 meters away.

The aircraft has night sensors with a range of 10 km and is able to operate in squadrons consisting of 3 aircraft with one remote control, with the ability of the squadron to fire at one target at the same time.

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