Google announced the best apps and games in the Google Play Store, one day after its Apple counterpart announced the apps and games
  • November 30, 2022
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Today, Wednesday, Google announced the best apps and games in Google Play Store, one day after its Apple counterpart announced the apps and games that won the 2022 App Store Awards.

The American tech giant said in a post on her blog: “Every year, we learn about the best apps and games in Google Play and the developers who create them. Their bold ideas and creativity help us reach users across all types of devices, from phones and watches to Chromebooks and tablets.”

Google added that applications and games and the way they are used are always changing, so this year it added a new award for the best applications and games for Chromebooks to celebrate the great work of developers on one of the largest screens that users can access in the Google Play Store.

Google has also added new categories to the games, including the best story game, the best live game, and the best game available on Play Pass.

Our other new categories capture many existing game genres, including Best Story Game, Best Continuing Game (such as a Live Service), and Best Game Available on Play Pass.

In its publication, Google reviewed a list of winning applications and games in the United States across 20 categories chosen by the Google Play Store editorial team, in addition to the best-selling e-books and audiobooks across the store.

The company stated that users can find out about the winning applications and games in their countries by going to the Best of 2022 section in the App Store.

The best apps and games overall

Best Application: Dream by WOMBO

With the proliferation of AI-powered artwork this year, this app deserves the title of Best App because it allows users to create pieces of art with just a quick text description.

Best game: Apex Legends Mobile

This game brings the excitement of the Apex Legends game series to smartphones and tablets.

Google said that users’ choices for the best app were BeReal, and the best game was for Apex Legends Mobile as well.

Best apps of 2022

Best entertainment app: PetStar

Best app for personal growth: Breathwork

Best app for everyday essentials: Plant Parent

Best hidden gem app: Recover Athletics

Best App for Good: The STIGMA App

Best smartwatch app: Todoist

Best tablet app: Pocket

Best Chromebook App: BandLab

The best games of 2022

Best Multiplayer Game: Dislyte

Best game for speed of play: Angry Birds Journey

Best Indie Game: Dicey Dungeons

Best Story Game: Papers, Please

Best Live Game: Genshin Impact

Play Pass Best Game: Very Little Nightmares

Best tablet game: Tower of Fantasy

Best Chromebook Game: Roblox

The best-selling eBooks of 2022

The best-selling audiobook of 2022

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