Tesla Enables Non-Tesla Electric Vehicle Charging in China

Tesla has announced that it is expanding access to its Supercharger network to certain non-Tesla electric vehicles in China, one of its largest markets. This pilot program will allow EV drivers to charge at selected Superchargers and destination charging points across the country. To start, 10 Supercharging stations in Beijing and Shanghai, as well as 120 destination charge points in 25 provinces and cities, will be available to non-Tesla electric vehicles. This move marks the first time that Tesla has opened up its non-Tesla EV Supercharging pilot program in China, which has the largest EV market in the world.

Tesla currently operates more than 1,600 Supercharging stations and over 700 destination charging points in China. The company plans to expand its charging network to make it more accessible to non-Tesla EVs. Around 37 electric vehicle models, including cars from Aiways, BMW, Porsche, BYD, Dongfeng, Ford, Geely, Zeekr, Polestar, Nio, Volvo, and XPeng, will be able to use Tesla’s chargers in China.

In the past, Tesla’s Supercharger network only worked with Tesla vehicles due to a proprietary connector. However, the company has reportedly developed a solution called the Magic Dock, which makes it easier to give non-Tesla vehicles access to its chargers.

To use the Supercharger network, drivers will have to download the Tesla app, create an account, and select “Charge non-Tesla vehicles” to find and use the nearest station. The expanded access to Superchargers and destination charging points will provide more charging options for non-Tesla EV drivers, which will help to promote the use of electric vehicles in China.

As in other markets, Tesla is likely to gradually expand the pilot program to include more models and stations in China. This move is in line with Tesla’s mission to promote the adoption of sustainable transportation by providing more charging options and making EVs more accessible to a wider audience.

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