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A case against Avianca, the Colombian airline, took an unexpected turn when it was discovered that the plaintiff's lawyers had cited six non-existent cases in their filing
OpenAI CEO, Sam Altman, clarifies the company's commitment to remain in Europe despite previous remarks suggesting a potential exit

OpenAI Expands ChatGPT iOS App Availability to Canada, India, Brazil, and 30 More Countries

OpenAI's ChatGPT app, initially launched in the U.S., has now been made available to iOS users in India and 32 additional countries

OpenAI Launches the ChatGPT Mobile App in 11 Additional Countries

OpenAI has made an exciting announcement on Twitter, revealing the expanded availability of the official ChatGPT mobile app in multiple countries

OpenAI Unveils Official iOS App for ChatGPT, Revolutionizing Mobile AI Assistance

OpenAI has taken its AI chatbot, ChatGPT, to new heights by launching an official iOS app. The move comes after a surge of unofficial and questionable services flooded the App Store

Google, Microsoft, OpenAI, and Anthropic CEOs Attend White House AI Meeting

The CEOs of top tech firms Google, Microsoft, OpenAI, and Anthropic are set to meet with Vice President Kamala Harris and other White House officials on Thursday to discuss critical issues

Samsung Temporarily Bans ChatGPT and Other Generative AI Tools Over Security Concerns

Samsung has issued a temporary ban on the use of generative AI tools such as OpenAI’s ChatGPT on its internal networks and company-owned devices due to concerns about privacy and security

How VentureBeat is Incorporating AI to Enhance Article Writing

there has been an increase in the use of AI to write articles by media outlets. However, VentureBeat has taken a different approach by using Microsoft's Bing Chat to aid in editing and writing articles

OpenAI Resolves Issues to Lift Temporary Ban on ChatGPT in Italy

OpenAI has announced that its chatbot, ChatGPT, is once again available to users in Italy following the resolution of several conditions set out by regulators

OpenAI Raises $300 Million from VC Firms at Valuation of $27B-$29B

OpenAI, the startup that created the popular conversational AI model ChatGPT, has secured new financial backers in the form of venture capital (VC) firms including Tiger Global, Sequoia Capital

Brave Search Enhances User Privacy by Replacing Bing’s Index

Brave Browser, has recently announced that it is now relying exclusively on its own index for its search engine. By doing so, Brave Search will no longer depend on third-party providers such as Bing

Microsoft Releases AI-Powered Designer Tool in Public Preview with Expanded Features

Bluesky, a Twitter alternative that plans to be federated and decentralized, has caught the attention of social media enthusiasts due to the amount of shitposting that’s going on there

Microsoft Drops Twitter from Advertising Platform

Microsoft has announced it will drop Twitter from its advertising platform next week, following Twitter's decision to charge a minimum of $42,000 per month to users of its API

Regulating AI like ChatGPT: US Government Seeks Public Input on Accountability Measures

The Biden administration has initiated a public comment process to gather input on potential accountability measures for artificial intelligence (AI) systems, including ChatGPT

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