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Montana Governor Greg Gianforte has recently signed into law the strictest restrictions in the nation targeting the Chinese-owned social media platform TikTok
Bytedance, the company behind popular social media apps TikTok and Lemon8, is making its music streaming service, Resso, a premium-only service

US Lawmakers to Progress with TikTok Bill over National Security Concerns

US lawmakers will progress with a bill to tackle national security concerns surrounding TikTok, according to House of Representatives Speaker Kevin McCarthy.

TikTok Creators Concerned About Potential Ban

TikTok users are worried about the potential ban of the app by the US government, following a Congressional hearing with the TikTok CEO.

France Bans Recreational Apps like TikTok and Candy Crush from Government Devices Over Cybersecurity Risks

The French government has taken a hardline approach to the use of "recreational" apps on government phones, including social media platforms TikTok, Twitter, Netflix, and Candy Crush

Potential TikTok Ban in the US Could Benefit Meta, Google, and Snap: Bernstein Report

According to a recent note from Bernstein, the biggest beneficiaries of a potential TikTok ban in the US are likely to be Meta, Google, and Snap

Potential US companies to acquire TikTok

ByteDance revealed a few days ago that the administration of US President (Joe Biden) had asked the Chinese owners of the short video service company TikTok

TikTok is working on the paid video feature

TikTok company is working on a new feature that allows content makers to offer videos for a sum of money

Two US states ban the “TikTok” application from government agencies

The decision to ban the “TikTok” application on government agencies in the states of Ohio and New Jersey received widespread attention on American platforms

“TikTok” announces the purpose of the “For You” page

In an effort to appear more transparent, Tiktok has introduced a new tool that explains how its algorithm works and why certain videos are recommended to users.

Shocking Study: TikTok bombards users with harmful and suicidal content

A recent study found that TikTok is recommending self-harm and eating disorder content to some users within minutes of joining the platform

Twitter lacks transparency in combating disinformation

The French organization responsible for digital communications, Arcom, said that Twitter had shown a lack of transparency in combating disinformation

TikTok may pay a £27m fine for violating UK law

TikTok could face a £27m fine in the UK for a potential breach of UK data protection law by failing to protect children's privacy when they use the video-sharing platform TikTok.

Tik Tok is testing a personalized shopping feed to highlight products

TikTok is testing a custom tab-shaped shopping feed that allows users to browse and buy products from a number of different

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