Apple introduced the tenth generation of the famous iPad tablet computer with different features
  • November 3, 2022
  • Mike Hunt
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With the introduction of the iPad 10 tablet computer, the American company abandoned many of the usual specifications; The new version came without thick screen edges, a home button, a Lightning port, and a headphone port. On the other hand, the new tablet came in bright colors and a USB-C port for easy connection of external hard drives and monitors, in addition to integrating a brighter TouchID sensor in the on/off button on the edge of the device. the device.

iPad 10..smaller in size and larger screen

The abandonment of all these specifications has had a clear impact on the external appearance of the tablet. Although the new “iPad 10” comes with a length shorter by 2 cm compared to the previous model, its screen has become larger, and the screen size is currently 10.9 inches (27.69 cm) instead of From 10.2 inches (25.91 cm) in the previous model, the new device has a smaller size and a larger screen.

The screen works with a resolution of 2360 x 1640 pixels, which helps to show all the details very clearly, and the values ​​​​of color display and contrast values ​​​​usually appear at the top of the middle category, and these values ​​​​are fully sufficient for all daily uses, and the iPad Pro screen is distinguished With Mini-LED backlighting and a higher resolution of 2732 x 2048 pixels.

Inside the new iPad 10 tablet computer, the powerful Apple A14 Bionic processor, adopted in the iPad Air (2020) and various models of the Apple iPhone 12 smartphone, beats, although this processor is not Completely new, it still works super fast.

12.9-inch and 11-inch iPad Pro powered by the new M2 core processor (Apple)
12.9-inch and 11-inch iPad Pro powered by the new M2 core processor (Apple)

New camera location on iPad 10

Some hardly notice the processor upgrade in the new tablet, but the new location of the camera on the side of the screen quickly draws attention to it. In contrast to the iPad Pro and iPad mini models, the camera is no longer on the short side but has moved to the middle of the long side of the iPad 10. When using video calling applications, such as FaceTime, and “Teams”, “Zoom” and others, the user can look into the eyes of the other party of the call directly.

The Magic Keyboard Folio on the new iPad 10 also appears convincingly; It allows the user to type smoothly and quickly, and the new keyboard includes 14 functional buttons to adjust the volume and screen brightness.

The Magic Keyboard Foley keyboard consists of two parts: the first is the physical keyboard, magnetically attached to the Smart Connector on the edge of the iPad, and the magnetically attached backside, which allows the ability to set up the iPad tablet computer-like a computer screen mobile.

These connections are extremely durable and add great value to the iPad tablet, but tablet accessories are more expensive compared to tablets like Microsoft’s Surface. The base model is compatible with the first-generation Apple Pencil data entry stylus, and Apple’s first digital pen features a “Lightning” plug for pairing and charging, but Apple has canceled the corresponding port for it in the “iPad 10.”

For a low cost, the user can get a USB-C to Lightning adapter, and if you want to work with the Apple Pencil data entry on the iPad 10, it is better to get a replacement adapter, because these small parts usually disappear When needed, and if the user wishes to connect the headphone to the jack, they need a jack to USB-C adapter.

The new iPad 10th generation comes in bright colors and a USB-C port
The new iPad 10th generation comes in bright colors and a USB-C port

The new iPad Pro

While Apple has made many changes to the regular iPad 10 tablet, the new iPad Pro retains many of the traits of the previous model, and both Pro models (12.9-inch and 11-inch) pulse with (M2 main processor. ) new, also available in “MacBook Pro” and “MacBook Air”.

Although the iPad Pro with the M1 processor has superior performance, its power has increased with the new M2 processor, and no Android tablet can compete with the iPad Pro in terms of efficiency. and performance.

The graphics unit in the Pro version of the M2 processor reaches 10 graphics cores, not just 8, as is the case in the MacBook Air laptop, and the actual computing is performed by 8 cores; With 4 cores for everyday tasks and 4 for special computing-intensive tasks, the iPad Pro will meet the demands of professionals who want to edit Ultra HD 4K videos with Luma Fusion or Luma Fusion software. DaVinci Resolve.

The results of the practical test showed that the new “iPad Pro” equipped with the previous “M1” processor has superior performance, and the increased performance thanks to the “M2” processor makes it meet future requirements, which also applies to the wireless network “WLAN” (WLAN); The tablet works with the new “Wi-Fi” 6E standard. In order for the user to benefit from the higher frequency range, he must use a router that supports the new Wi-Fi 6E (6E) technology.

The weaknesses of the iPad Pro tablet computer lie in two points. Professionals prefer having the camera for video calls in the middle of the longer side like the base model, but the selfie camera on the premium iPad models is still on the short side. As for the keyboard, it lacks the function buttons available in the “iPad 10” version.

The Apple Pencil data entry stylus is compatible with all models; The Pro models work with the second-generation data entry stylus that is shipped on the tablet’s long side.

Another exciting feature is the new Apple Pencil Hover. The iPad Pro shows exactly where it’s resting on the screen, and the data entry stylus helps you point it out more precisely.

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