Friday, March 31, 2023

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Sounds new features of the Snapchat app

The Snapchat platform has nearly 250 million users who deal with augmented reality regularly through the platform, according to its latest report. A mission distribution for content creators to share their music with fans.

The company adds that since the launch of Sounds, videos created with music from Sounds on Snapchat combined have led to more than 2.7 billion videos created and over 183 billion views. Snapchat has now announced new creative tools for “Sounds,” including Sounds. Recommendations for use with Lenses and a Sounds Sync feature for use with Camera Roll which is expected to make it easier for users to create and share.

Sounds Recommendations feature for use with Lenses 

This is a new way for Snapchatters to find the perfect sound that complements the Lens. When you activate Lens filters on a photo or video, users will receive a one-tap option to add a related sound from the Sounds library. 

Sounds Sync with photos and videos 

The audio sync tool will allow Snapchatters to create montage videos that will automatically be to the beat of the audio tracks from the sound library, and users can choose between 4-20 photos/videos from their camera roll.

“By expanding the sound experience, Snapchat is making it easier and faster for Snapchatters to discover music they love and share it with friends,” said Manny Adler, Head of Music Strategy at Snap. “Snapchat has also created a unique opportunity for artists to reach a valuable and engaged audience, while also directing fans to listen.” to the full song on streaming services”.

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