AirTags are 3.2 cm in diameter and attach or attach to keys, purses, backpacks, etc so people can find these items when they are lost
  • December 10, 2022
  • Jacob Morris
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Two women have sued Apple alleging that AirTag devices made it easier for ex-partners and stalkers to track them down.

AirTags are 3.2 centimeters in diameter and attach or attach to keys, purses, backpacks and more so people can find them when they go missing.

But privacy and law enforcement experts said some people are using AirTags for criminal or malicious purposes.

In their class-action lawsuit filed Monday in San Francisco federal court, the women said Apple was unable to protect people from unwanted tracking through AirTag devices.

Prosecutors described the AirTag as “the weapon of choice for stalkers and assailants”. The lawsuit seeks unspecified damages for owners of iOS or Android devices in the United States who were tracked by AirTag or are “subject” to stalking because of Apple’s alleged negligence.

The Cupertino, California-based company admitted that “bad actors” had tried to misuse AirTags.

In February, Apple announced updates to make it easier to find devices and to warn users more quickly if an AirTag of unknown origin was connected to one of their items.

Lauren Hughes, one of the plaintiffs in Monday’s lawsuit, said her ex-boyfriend knew where she had moved after putting Airtag at the wheel of her car.

She added that he later posted a photo online of a van from her new neighborhood. Another plaintiff, Jane Doe, said her estranged husband tracked her down after putting Airtag in their child’s backpack.

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