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Small drones.. more than just a toy

Currently, the use of drones to photograph scenic landscapes or sporting events and events is widespread, but small marches may disturb some people who are looking for calm and relaxation in some places over which these planes fly.

Christopher Rohe, from the German Model Aircraft Federation, said that mini-rallies are more than just a game; It has a very wide range of use, and he said, “The scope of use of small marches extends from shooting beautiful pictures, through short video clips, to rounds of documentation and examination in technical fields, for example, if experts wish to examine the roof area of buildings, which is difficult to reach.

Big differences

The German expert added that there are significant differences between the models in terms of quality, explaining, “The cheaper the drone, the fewer functions are available in it, starting from flight modes and ending with image quality.”

Rohe pointed out that there are low-cost models of drones at less than $100, but these models are often equipped with poor cameras, and their images cannot be relied upon for more than documentation purposes, in addition to lacking many practical functions, such as automatic return. From the starting point, that is, to the user, as well as the function of automatic tracking of people or things.

Such functions require global positioning systems known as “GPS”, which the company that produces cheap models saves, in addition to that without the “GPS” unit and automatic functions, the process of controlling the drone becomes one of the great challenges.

Before GPS technology was integrated into drones, pilots had no way to determine the direction or location of aircraft in the air, which made controlling the aircraft and maneuvering very difficult, and this problem significantly hindered the overall user experience.

By integrating GPS and compass technology, it is possible for drones to hover in place even if the user leaves the remote control. This gave operators complete control of the aircraft and made the technology safer and easier to fly.

Small drones are suitable for novice users who want to practice simple marches
Small drones are suitable for novice users who want to practice simple marches

For his part, Robert Brandt, from the German Goods and Products Testing Authority, explained that if the user wants to acquire a drone with good flight functions and an advanced camera, he must bear in mind that such models cost at least $ 300, in addition to the costs of replacing batteries and accessories. other additional.

It is also necessary to rely on a holder to obtain high-quality images, as it ensures the stability of the camera and obtaining a clear image, and the flight time extends from 10 to 20 minutes, and the spare battery ensures that the drone operates for a longer period without having to return quickly after taking a limited number of pictures.

Small drones are suitable for novice users who want to practice on simple walks, and these models often come in a size so small that they can be carried in one hand, but these small planes usually suffer difficulties with the wind.

“The wind often poses a great difficulty for small drones, unlike heavier drones, as they can overcome wind and other difficulties,” Brandt explained.

playback restrictions

Among the restrictions while operating drones is not allowing them to fly near airports, for example. “There is a very long list of places and geographical areas in which flying by drones is prohibited,” said Christophe Mai, director of a training center for drones.

The user must not violate the regulations and laws that differ from one country to another, and therefore tourists must know the rules in force in the country concerned if they wish to fly the drone during holidays and vacations.

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