• October 9, 2022
  • Jacob Morris
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The Signal application has announced a beta test of the “Stories” feature, which allows users to create and share photos, videos, and texts with their friends, which automatically disappear 24 hours after they are posted, as is the case in the “Facebook”, “Instagram” and “Snap” applications. Chat and others.

But as with everything about the messaging app “Signal”, which focuses on privacy in the first place, “Stories” will allow the possibility of end-to-end encryption, meaning that the user can choose who they share stories with, and it also allows the ability to customize “Stories” For groups and friends lists, where anyone in the group can interact with, reply to, and share the story, and of course, allows it to be shared with all user communications.

As for the motive behind Signal’s endeavor to add the “Stories” feature, we see, “It has become an essential part of the requirements of the new generations, for which visual materials have become the most attractive thing to them, especially short videos, in which the “Tik Tok” application has achieved overwhelming success, which is What Stories Provides For Them.

As “Signal had to provide “Stories” as part of the pursuit of its recently announced modernization, to catch up with the rest of the other social media, and “Stories” has become a major part of its characteristics, to ensure the sustainability of the application in the long term, and to make people spend more time In it, and bring users to it continuously, and then increase profits.”

“The technology market competitors are reproducing the successful experiences created by others is a hallmark of all social media applications, to maintain their user base, attract more of them to it, and then maximize profits.”

Although the “Twitter” and “LinkedIn” applications experienced the launch of the “Stories” feature in 2020, and retracted it after less than one year, due to its failure to achieve the intended success, we expect Signal to have a different fate.

The “Stories” feature was not best suited to users of “Twitter” and “LinkedIn”, both of which have a solid fan base with an average age of over forty years, and whose interests are not topped by videos, unlike the millennial generation, in addition to the nature of the two different platforms.

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