Samsung Electronics announced that 46 of its new products and services have won the 2023 CES Innovation Awards from the Consumer Technology Association (CTA).

Samsung Electronics announced that 46 of its new products and services have won the 2023 CES Innovation Awards from the Consumer Technology Association (CTA).

Three of these products won the Best Innovation Award, and the association is keen to honor designers and engineers through its annual program that includes many categories of consumer technology products.

Samsung has been recognized in several categories, and since sustainability is at the heart of everything Samsung does, consumers were encouraged to join the company in making adjustments and changes they see as having a significant impact on the environment.

This step allowed for the emergence of new and bold ideas, including investing in sustainable materials, increasing the energy efficiency of products, and recycling as well.
In addition to the renewal and repair of equipment, while reducing the company’s environmental impact by relying on 100% renewable energy in all the company’s facilities in the United States, Europe, and China.
Samsung products received innovation awards in the categories of imaging, digital imaging, mobile devices and peripherals, gaming, digital health, wearable technology, video displays, home audiovisual components and accessories, and mobile software and applications.

Many of these award-winning devices are eco-friendly, including the Galaxy Z Flip4 and Galaxy Z Fold4, both of which are made from recycled fishing nets and 100% recycled paper for product packaging.

The company was awarded the Best of Innovation Honoree in the categories of Computers & Peripherals, Video Displays, Security on Networks, and Personal Privacy.

CTA also organizes and sponsors the CES Innovation Awards competition recognized around the world as the global showcase of innovation and the world’s most influential technology event.
CES 2023 will be held from January 5 to 8 in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, with a deeper focus on sustainability.

The best innovations

Samsung S3B512C Secure Chip: Winner of the Best Innovation Award in the Network Security and Personal Privacy category, the S3B512C chip integrates a Fingerprint Sensor with Security Element (SE) and Secure Processor (SP) into a single chip, plus Samsung’s advanced security features through algorithm and technology Anti-spoofing digital fingerprint authentication, the first comprehensive security chip in the field of cybersecurity that reads biometric data through a fingerprint sensor, stores and authenticates impenetrable encrypted data, and securely processes data.

Galaxy Z Flip4 in its regular and Bespoke editions: The foldable smartphone comes with many improvements, including an innovative camera and a larger battery with more capabilities to make the user experience more personal, and the Galaxy Z Flip4 and Galaxy Z Flip4 Bespoke Edition were honored in the digital photography categories And mobile devices and accessories, and the design of the device allows more unique camera functions such as FlexCam, which allows hands-free capture of photos and videos directly in the user’s favorite social media applications, and the user can also take a picture from the external screen without opening the device using Quick Shot, and the version offers The device offers another level of personalization with glass colors and frame options that offer 75 unique combinations.

The Galaxy Z Fold 4 is an award-winning device in the categories of digital imaging, mobile devices, accessories, and games. The high-quality performance of this device, the upgraded camera, and the innovative design make it the most powerful and productive phone among foldable smartphones. It also provides unparalleled experiences for powerful games and productivity With its 7.6-inch main screen and Android operating system features. Android 12L

Galaxy Watch 5 and Galaxy Watch5 Pro: Award-winning in the digital health and wearable technology categories for tracking user health developments and increasing charging capabilities, making them two of Samsung’s most feature-rich watches today, and the Galaxy Watch5 Pro is designed for adventure and lifestyle With improved GPS functionality, while offering longer battery life and a Super AMOLED screen protected by a stronger sapphire crystal, the watches give users the most complete picture by providing them with all the information related to their health thanks to the innovative BioActive sensor.

Samsung Wallet: Well-known as an all-in-one, go-anywhere app, the app won an award in the Mobile Apps & Software category for combining Samsung Pass, Samsung Pay, and other apps to give Galaxy users a new and easy way to keep all their digital essentials in one place One, from bank cards and digital keys to passport data, driver’s licenses, cell phones, university cards, and more, with the integration of platforms such as SmartThings and Samsung Knox, the software provides a secure interface and direct access to your important digital information.

Bespoke AI Laundry: Award-winning for its innovative design and built-in AI technologies, the Bespoke AI™ washer with AI OptiWash™ was crowned in the Smart Homes category and the Bespoke AI™ dryer with AI Optimal Dry technology in the Upgraded Appliances category. Automatic fabrics and their soil levels, allowing their performance to be optimized accordingly, while the wash cycles themselves can be controlled using the Samsung SmartThings app, the dryer uses sensors and algorithms to measure the moisture content of the clothes, and adjust the drying time and temperature to continuously optimize the cycles, and the washing machine also keeps track of its washing habits Frequently designed for an easier personalized experience, with a range of color options to help provide more ways to customize laundry spaces in the home.

SmartThings Energy App: Samsung’s flagship app in the software and mobile apps category, a simple solution that provides consumers with reducing energy consumption at home, as well as tracking phases of energy consumption, SmartThings Energy provides practical knowledge and recommendations based on the devices connected to the platform and the usage standard.

Samsung 990 PRO Solid State Drive with Heatsink 2TB SSD: As the winner of the Innovation Award in the Computer Peripherals category, this is the company’s fastest PCIe 4.0 SSD with superior power efficiency. Designed for gaming consoles or PCs, it Delivers superior speed to reduce loading times The combination of a heat sink and nickel-plating driver increases dynamic thermal protection and maximizes cooling effects to prevent performance from being affected by overheating The unit is also equipped with RGB lighting to match any usage setup.

1TB Samsung NVMe BGA SSD: (AM991) This innovation provides the automotive industry’s highest storage sequential read speed, plus exceptionally high boot capacity for AD/ADAS, vehicle cockpit, and infotainment systems recognized in the entertainment and security category. car, it also provides the highest sustained automotive write speed of up to 1150MB/s thanks to Samsung V-NAND technology, an internal controller with firmware design, which helps to work safely even in difficult weather conditions (-40°C to 105°C).

Samsung CXL 512GB Memory: Award-winning in the PC and Components category, the 512GB Samsung CXL Memory Expansion Module will be the first memory to support CXL 2.0 and will be available in EDSFF (E3.S) format ideal for data centers and organizations with high-capacity storage needs This new memory module is designed with Application Specific Integrated Controller (ASIC) CXL, which uses DDR5 with DRAM bandwidth, memory can be expanded beyond tens of terabytes with big data processing and AI requirements.

16GB 1TB Samsung LPDDR5X Multi-Chip Memory: UFS 3.1 For the first time, 14nm-based 16GB LPDDR5X DRAM is combined with 7th Generation Samsung Quad-Level Cells (QLC) V-NAND with 1TB UFS 3.1, and memory with 1TB UFS 3.1 technology helps uMCP In the development of the industry, the UFS-based multi-chip package for higher density, faster memory, and lower power consumption has also been introduced for high-end smartphones and other high-end PC applications.

Image Sensor: ISOCELL HP3 CMOS As an advanced mobile sensor with a 1/1.4-inch optical format and 0.56-pixel size for the largest design of a thin camera, the Samsung ISOCELL HP3 sensor received an award in the digital imaging category and features the smallest pixel technology in a mobile camera for greater design convenience and 200 megapixels provide more image detail, and Tetratwopixel technology allows pixels to operate at 1.12㎛ or 2.24㎛ size, capturing more light in low-light conditions with 8K video recording, in addition, thanks to Super QPD technology, the sensor can detect autofocus information horizontally and vertically.

Samsung W920 + RF 6550 New Generation Update for Wearable Devices: Awarded in the wearable category, the Exynos W920 on a chip (SoC) and Exynos RF 6550 constitute advanced solutions for wearable devices, and it contains the Exynos W920 processor, designed on a 5nm node It contains ultraviolet factors, on the LTE modem, and provides the performance required by the mobile devices of the new generation equipped with a powerful graphics processing unit and a dual-core processor, and the attached chip 6550 RF, designed at 28 nm, integrates Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GNSS connectivity with the highest performance efficiency In the design of the Exynos W920.

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