Amazon’s Ring Car Alarm Nears Launch

Ring may be getting closer to launching the car alarm it announced over two years ago. A new report from Zatz Not Funny! reveals an image of the device recently added to the Ring Android app as well as a filing with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) the Amazon-owned company submitted on Monday.

The image of the alarm aligns with what we saw when Ring first revealed the thing: a black brick-like device with Ring’s branding and signature blue circle. As outlined in a support page on Ring’s website, the $59.99 alarm will connect to your car’s OBD-II diagnostic port and send notifications to your phone whenever it detects an attempted break-in or a bump from another car. It’s also supposed to come with a siren that you can trigger remotely and uses Amazon’s Sidewalk network (or Wi-Fi) for connectivity.

It’s not clear when Ring plans on launching its car alarm, though. In a tweet sent in reply to a user’s question last month, Ring says it has a “car alarm system in the works” with a link to the announcement it initially made in 2020.

The company adds that it’s “still working out some technical details” but said that we can expect it “in the next year or so.” The Verge reached out to Ring to ask about a potential release window, and we’ll update this article if we hear back.

In addition to the car alarm, the company is supposed to be working on a $199.99 Ring Car Cam as well. The dashboard-mounted device records both the inside and outside of the car, and comes with the ability to alert emergency services if you’ve been in a “serious crash.” Last year, The Tape Drive revealed what appears to be an image of the device, while Zatz is Not Funny! uncovered a now-hidden support page that notes that it could also connect to your OBD-II port and may not require a Ring subscription to use.

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