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Relying on “Avatar: Way of Water”, Disney’s global box office this year exceeded 4 billion US dollars and became the world’s number one

Relying on “Avatar: The Way of Water”, Disney’s box office revenue exceeded US$4 billion this year, making it the world’s No. Way”.

Avatar: Way of Water is published by 20th Century Corporation (formerly known as 20th Century Fox), which became a subsidiary of Disney after it was acquired by Disney in 2019.

As of Monday, Disney’s global box office revenue was US$4.049 billion. The main revenue points came from “Doctor Strange: Multiverse of Madness”, “Black Panther: Long Live Wakanda”, “Thor: Love and Thunder, and now Avatar: Way of Water. This is the eighth year Disney has topped $4 billion at the box office, and the company’s 2021 total is $2.9 billion.

Followed by Universal Pictures and Sony Pictures, Universal became the first studio in 2019 with a global box office revenue of US$3 billion in August, but the company failed to follow up after the middle of the year and was Disney overtook it with two films, “Black Panther: Long Live Wakanda” and “Avatar: Way of Water.”

It is worth noting that, except for “Avatar: The Way of Water”, none of Disney’s first three blockbuster films can be released in China; compared to Universal, it is completely different, including “Jurassic World: Domination of the World”, ” For blockbuster films including Little Soldier 2, Universal’s films were not only released in China, but also achieved good box office results.

What Disney has achieved proves that even without the Chinese box office, they can still achieve impressive numbers at the box office-but it may also mean that Disney films will have a harder time breaking into global box office records in the future, without the world’s second-largest box office. With the support of the box office, it is even more difficult for a movie to break records at the box office.

But Disney’s focus is naturally whether the audience pays the bill. It is worth noting that almost all of the ones that can break the box office record and bring Disney’s bright box office revenue are the ones from the first to the third stages of “Avengers” that have continued to the present. Movie stars, apart from “Shang Qi” after the fourth stage, “The Eternal Race” is left. Although the former box office is good, it has not returned its money, and the latter has lost so badly that there is no news of any second episode so far.

However, judging from the situation that it is only three to four years before Disney can make a sequel, it is unknown whether Disney can rely on “The Avengers” for a few more years. Perhaps this is the old director Robert Iger’s return to the pot. One of the important reasons for the CEO, after all, although it is important to enter the streaming industry, the box office of movies that can bring in vain cash income to Disney cannot be discarded just because they want to support streaming.

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