Porsche Taycan Embraces Apple Maps EV Routing, Enhancing Trip Planning for Electric Vehicle Owners

Porsche announces the integration of Apple Maps EV Routing for Taycan models, becoming the second vehicle to adopt this feature. With a focus on enhancing trip planning around EV charging stations, Taycan owners in the US can now utilize Apple Maps EV Routing through Apple CarPlay. This feature enables drivers to plan routes that consider charging locations and provides real-time adjustments based on the vehicle’s battery level.

By leveraging Apple Maps EV Routing, Taycan drivers benefit from directions based on up-to-date traffic data while monitoring their vehicle’s charge status. Throughout the journey, the service identifies suitable charging stations and guides the driver to the nearest one when the battery level reaches a critical point, even estimating charging times.

The Porsche Taycan joins the Ford Mustang Mach-E as the only two vehicles currently offering Apple Maps’ EV Routing feature. Despite Apple’s initial collaboration announcement with Ford and BMW in 2020, the integration is yet to be implemented on any BMW models, making the Taycan and Mustang Mach-E pioneers in this regard.

Previously, Taycan owners had to exit CarPlay to manually create routes including charging stops via Apple Maps. However, with the introduction of Apple Maps EV Routing, Porsche aims to provide its customers with additional route planning options while complementing the existing Charging Planner feature exclusive to Taycan models. Porsche clarifies that the integration is not meant to replace its proprietary Charging Planner but rather offer greater flexibility to Taycan owners.

Steffen Haug, Managing Director of Porsche Digital, emphasizes the company’s commitment to customer feedback and their desire for flexibility. He states that integrating Apple Maps, a familiar product, provides Taycan owners with more confidence and options for daily activities and longer road trips.

All Taycan models are compatible with Apple Maps EV Routing; however, older models from 2021 or earlier will require a software update, which can be installed at a Porsche service workshop. To activate the feature, Taycan owners need to connect the My Porsche App with Apple Maps on an iPhone running at least iOS 16.4, unlocking the benefits of seamless route planning and EV charging convenience.

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