Friday, March 31, 2023

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One-third of internet users are victims of a data breach

A new report from information security firm Thales says that one in three consumers worldwide has been the victim of a data breach involving a company that holds their personal data.

The report found that 82 percent of these data breach victims experienced some kind of negative impact on their lives as a result, as data breaches can put victims at greater risk of identity theft.

Even with the notable prevalence of data breaches, the report found that 82 percent of consumers still trust online digital service providers to protect their personal data.

The Thales survey also looked at consumers’ opinions on how companies deal with data breaches, with some 54 percent believing that companies should implement mandatory data protection controls such as encryption and two-factor authentication after a data breach.

The report also found that many consumers are willing to squeeze financially and beat companies when it comes to data protection issues. About 21 percent of consumers surveyed by Thales said they had stopped using the services of a company that had suffered a data breach, and 42 percent of them requested the deletion of their information.

The report was also able to reveal some insights into how trust varies between regions and between industries. According to the report, the financial sector was by far the most trusted industry among those surveyed, with 42 percent trusting it, followed by healthcare with 27 percent, and consumer technology with 32 percent. Media and entertainment scored the worst, with only 12 percent trusting them, and governments at around 14 percent.

The report also found that consumer confidence varies widely by country, with Brazil and Mexico being by far the most trusted countries among those surveyed, scoring 95 percent and 92 percent respectively when asked: “How much do you trust services?” online, such as shopping, social media, travel, etc.. when it comes to the security of your personal data?

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